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6 Ways to Raise Your Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is essential hormone for the health of women and men. Generally hormone testosterone in man produces 20 times more than women. Just not to sexual function, this hormone is also useful to keep muscles and bones strong. When the age someone more 30 year testosterone hormone will decline. Here are ways to raise testosterone naturally you can do.

The first way is lose weight, because fat will make testosterone levels decreased, especially if there is a buildup of fat in the abdomen. Therefore, to increase testosterone levels you should lose weight, especially in the abdomen.

weight loss
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Second ways to raise testosterone naturally is drinking coffee. The caffeine in coffee can increase levels of testosterone. However, don’t consume too much coffee because it will give negative effects on your health.

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The third way is increase intake of vitamin D. The study by the Archives of internal medicine, a man who had high level of vitamin D will have higher testosterone levels. The source of vitamin D can you get from meat, vegetables, mushroom, fruit and another.

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The fourth way is rest. Research conducted in the Netherlands showed that men who advanced age (64-74) has the high testosterone if they have good time to rest. Therefore, for men who are elderly must have many times to rest to increase testosterone in their body.

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Fifth ways to raise testosterone naturally is exercise. Doing sport everyday will help increase testosterone in the body. In addition, with regular exercise, the body becomes more fit and healthy.

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The sixth way is to eat beans. Beans are one of the foods that contain good fats that can increase testosterone levels naturally. This is because beans contain amino acids that become building blocks of protein.

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That are ways to raise testosterone naturally you can do. Doings healthy life became the main basis for maintaining the balance of the hormone testosterone to our body.

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