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Category: Health

Stop Your Desire to Eat More (1)

Struggling hard to get your ideal weight in order to avoid overweight or even obese will be nothing if you can not control your desire to more and more. These twenty points bellow will give you the way for making you grip the control as follow:

  1. Eat only and only if you feel hungry

Thomas Wadden, Ph.D, professor of psychology and director of Weight and Eating Programme in Medicine Faculty of Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia, Unitet State, said that our body needs 4 hours for one eat time to the next and making it feel hungry.

  1. Stop eating when you have full

If you already felt full, just lay down your spoon. It’s better before you can’t chew the next food you take. Our body needs 20 minutes to feel full. Continue reading Stop Your Desire to Eat More (1)

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Reconsider Adding MSG in Your Dish

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is one of synthetic food flavored used commonly. Prof. Kikunae Ikeda from Tokyo University, Japan, is the first man who succeed to isolate glutamic acid from Laminaria japonica in 1908. He certained that this substance is the key of deliciousness in dishes which could balancing the other four flavours (sour, sweet, bitter, and salty). Glutamic acid in form of MSG presumed has mechanism as flavor intensifier which could cause delicious flavor in meat dishes, comes from protein hydrolised process in our mouth.

Originally, MSG made from seaweeds. But nowadays, MSG are also made from gluten from wheat, corn, soy and sugar cane molase (dropped). The last material is which MSG made from synthetically in our country named Indonesia.
As a synthetic substance, MSG may give some disadvantages for our body’s health. Hiroshi Ohgura from The Horosaky University, Japan, stated that giving MSG to trial mice in long periode could give sight lost effect to them, cause retina disorder and eye neurons damage. The same effect could also happen in human if the consumption of MSG added in food run chronically. This substance even able to attach to our retina and damage it chronically and disrupt the ability of sensory neurons cell within our eyes to deliver signal to our brain.

Continue reading Reconsider Adding MSG in Your Dish

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