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Choose The Proper Diet for The “O”

When start planning for a diet programme, people usually confuse to choose which program suitable for them. This is cause of the differencies that making diet they need for each of them is also different, such as their body’s condition, gender, age, and other differences. These make us have to decide which diet program we should choose wisely and make us have to collect much information about those diet programmes and nutrients we need for our body while we try to make less false informations. This effort will help us to run our diet programme right as our plan and gain the succeed of diet programme as determination we need.

One of these diet programmes including our blood type. In this diet programme, we should consider our own blood type, is it A, B, O or AB. An author, dr. Peter D Adamo has written a book with a title “Eat Right For Your Type”. In this book he talks much about what suitable diet for each blood type. In a diet programme, foods we consume have a big relationship with the blood type of the one who run it. By measure kind of food prohibited and allowed for the blood type, this book says that this way will help to minimalize bad effect that could happen when running our diet.

Such as those who have O as blood type, he says in this book that people with this blood type tend to have tougher immune system compare to people who have the other blood type (type A, B or AB). diet suggestions for people with this blood type are they should choose food with low level of carbohydrate and rich of protein.

Food with this composition can be found in form as red beaf, liver, seafood, broccoli, spinach. It is good for you who have this blood type to consume enough salt for your information. And prohibited foods or we should say it as foods which have to be in tight control are wheat, corn, red bean and other kind of beans, cabbage, and mustard.
If you want to know more about what diet programme suitable for you or people around you and more information about diet programme for other blood type, just check the contain of this helpful book. And for you who are the “O”, have a try!

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