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Dragon Fruit, Fruit of Many Benefits

Generally dragon fruit has a peculiar use to decrease cholesterol level and balancing sugar blood. Dragon fruit also help to prevent cancer and keep our mouth healthy. If you have constipation, this fruit can be a wonder cure for you. Routine consumption of this fruit can help hypertension sufferer, beside it can give a smooth, fine, and soft skin.

Many researche results show how beneficial dragon food for healthy. Marhazlina M, researcher from Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Putra Malaysia University researched the influence of dragon fruit consumption to sugar blood and cholesterol level in Diabetes Mellitus type 2 patiences which it doesn’t depend on insulin. It shows how dragon fruit control the level of both.

Dragon fruit also well proven as rich of anti-oxydant as shown by researche of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) United States Department ao Agriculture (USDA). Red flesh dragon fruit contains 1.076 mol gallic acid equivalents (GAE)/g puree of fenolic. Anti-oxydant activity reaches 7.59 mol trolox equivalents (TE)/g puree. While white flesh dragon fruit (Hyilocereus undatus) contains 523 mol GAE/g of fenolic and reaches 2.96 mol TE/g puree of anti-oxydant activity.

Al Leong from Johncola Pitaya Food R&D stated that dragon fruit is quite good for blood circulation, effectively lower emotion pressure down, and neutralize blood toxin. Agricultural Research Institute of Indonesia also mentioned dragon fruit as cholesterol level decreaser, can control sugar blood , strengthened renal and bone function and help to increase brain activity.

This fruit is a good vitamine and mineral source. Vitamine B1 amount in it reaches 0.3 mg/100 g fruit flesh. The recommended consumption of tiamine (B1) each person each day by Food and Nutrient National Workstudy in 2004 is 0.5-0.9 mg for children under 10 years, and 0.9-1.0 mg for adult. Woman in pregnancy and breast-feeding need 0.3 mg more each day above their normal need. B1 has a role as co-enzime in reactions which produce energy from carbohydrate transforming to energy called ATP. Less of B1 will cause polyneuritis (dry beriberi) which caused by neuron transmission obstruction of less of energy in neuron tissues.

Dragon fruit also contains kalium, ferum (Fe), protein and calcium in good amount that it is enough helping to increase immune system to work well. Those substances also good to neutralize blood toxin, improve eyes sighting and preventing hypertension. Water contains in this fruit is high enough that reaches 83 g/100 g fruit flesh. That is why dragon fruit can be used as fresh and delicious dessert.

Fibers contain in it are good to maintain health digestion system. Dietary fiber can shortened transit time which it is time food needs to move from mouth until its pigswill come out as feces. Fibers can also bind carcinogenic substances. For the shortened transit time, those substances stay in our body in shortened time, too. It will give them smaller chance to harm our body (Goldberg, 1994). Fibers good to prevent diabetes mellitus, heartstroke, stroke, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, Indonesian consumption of fibers only 10 g each person each day, while it supposed to be 20-30 each person each day.

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