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Health Benefits of Beets

Fruits became one of foods that contain a lot of nutrients, one of them is the beets. This fruit may not have been too popular when compared to other fruits, though this fruit has a tremendous benefit to health. These beets contain folic acid, potassium, fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and others. The following are the health benefits of beets that you should know.

First health benefits of beets is to treat liver, kidney cleanse, fight infection, naturalize venom and gall bladder. To get these benefits, you can combine it with carrots and cucumbers.

The second benefit is to destroy the tumor cells and cancer cells. Beets contain high antioxidant so it is good to prevent or treat cancer.

The third benefit is overcome anemia. The content of iron in the fruit is believed to increase blood pressure. Consume this fruit on a daily basis.

The fourth health benefits of beets are as a source of energy. By eating the fruit beets, you can exercise longer up to 16%. This is because the nitrate content in fruits beets which can reduce oxygen combustion and expenses during your workout so that you do not easily exhausted.

The fifth benefit is to treat digestive problems. If you feel nausea, stomach pain, dysentery or diarrhea, then you can consume juice beets mixed with carrot and lemon. It could also consume the juice beets mixed with honey. the digestive system will be more smooth and healthy.

Sixth benefit is to lower blood pressure, nourish the heart and blood vessels. This is because beets contain nitrates that can lower blood pressure.

Health benefits of beets are enormous, so consume this fruit regularly. In addition to treating various diseases, the fruit is also able to improve the health of your body that is not easily affected by the disease.

Health Benefits of Beets

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