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How to Eat More Protein without Eating Meat, Eggs, or Dairy

Protein sources are diverse, but there are some sources of protein should be avoided because some people have certain diseases such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, allergies and so on. The best source of protein is meat, eggs and dairy. But how to get more protein without eating meat, eggs and dairy products? These are some about the protein source beside meat, eggs and dairy that can be your reference to improve the protein in your body.

You can eat more protein with consuming fish. Compared with meat, fish have a lower fat that safe for health. Some fish that have good fats are salmon and tuna. Both contain lot of omega-3 that will have a positive effect on the body.

protein fish
Photo: falco/Pixabay

Not just a fish, you also can consume tofu to get more protein. Tofu is a good source of protein because it does not contain bad fats. These foods provide large quantities of protein. By eating slice of tofu, you can get protein intake by 20 grams.

protein tofu
Photo: Silentpilot/Pixabay

Besides tofu and fish, nuts and beans also are good source of protein. Eat more protein with nuts could be other alternative to get protein when we can’t eat meat, eggs and dairy. The nuts can be one of protein source that you can make to be many kind of tasty snacks so you do not feel bored to eat every day.

protein nuts
Photo: jarmoluk/Pixabay

You also can get protein source by consuming green vegetables. Besides have many fibers, green vegetables are also contain high protein. The green vegetables that contain a lot of protein are cucumber, cabbage and spinach.

protein cucumbers
Photo: krzys16/Pixabay

Sources of protein are not only from meat, eggs and dairy. You can get more protein by eating some foods above.

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