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Natural Ways to Fight the Flu

Flu is a contagious disease that occurs due to viral RNA from influenza virus. Symptoms experienced by people who suffer from this disease are fever, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, cough and fatigue. There are so many drugs used to treat flu, but a natural treatment could be the best alternative. Here are natural ways to fight the flu:

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First natural ways to fight the flu is to increase the consumption of water. That water is proven to have many health benefits, including treating the flu. With sufficient water consumption is 8 glasses, the throat will be protected from germs that cause the flu.

warm drink
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The second way is to consume a warm drink. This method can make the condition of your body feels more comfortable because flu usually someone who will feel chills and fever. With the consumption of water the liquid that comes out when the flu will be replaced so you do not dehydrate.

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Third natural ways to fight the flu is to multiply the rest time. In flu condition, your immune system becomes weakened so you will be susceptible to other diseases. Therefore try to rest the total of all activities so that your immune system recovers soon.

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The fourth way is to consume fruits and vegetables. This method can restore a weakened immune system. You should take a lot of nutrients. These nutrients can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. By consuming these foods then the second body condition is getting better.


The fifth way is to steam therapy. It is very easy by integrating the hot water into the basin. Put your face right on top of the basin and feel the hot steam from the water. In this way the pain in the head as well as the blockage of the nose will be reduced.

Those are some natural ways to fight the flu that you can do. By performing such treatment, the flu will recover faster so you can resume your activities as usual.

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