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New Food Trends for 2016 That May Improve Your Health and Weight Naturally

Food consumed daily should be foods that contain a lot of nutrients to the body’s health body to stay awake and able to gain weight naturally. For those of you who want to improve health and want to gain weight naturally, here’s a new food trends for 2016 that you can make a reference to the daily diet.

First food is tropical fruits. Consuming tropical fruits can help to gain weight, it because tropical fruit contains more nutrients and nutrients then other types of fruit. The content of nutrients and nutrition in tropical fruits are also able to improve your health.

tropical fruits
Photo: Meditations/Pixabay

Second food is pure cow’s milk. Pure cow’s milk is a new food trends to improve the health of the body and to increase the weight. If you are accustomed to consuming milk or milk packaging instant, then you better replace them with whole milk. This is because cow’s milk contains more nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin D.

cows milk
Photo: Couler/Pixabay

Third new food trends for 2016 are peanut butter. Peanut butter packs usually contain high protein and fat that can increase your weight naturally. In a teaspoon of peanut butter contains 100 calories and 4 grams of protein for your body.

peanut butter
Photo: deborahmiller56/Pixabay

The fourth food is wheat bread. Consume wheat bread oftenly can increase the weight naturally. Besides the nutritional content of whole wheat bread is also more than the usual bread so that it can improve the health of your body. This is because whole wheat bread contains more fiber and minerals.

wheat bread
Photo: jill111/Pixabay

That is some new food trends for 2016 that you can try to improve health and to increase the weight naturally. Some food on the menu you can make a meal every day. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get one of them to consume everyday.

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