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Stop Your Desire to Eat More (1)

Struggling hard to get your ideal weight in order to avoid overweight or even obese will be nothing if you can not control your desire to more and more. These twenty points bellow will give you the way for making you grip the control as follow:

  1. Eat only and only if you feel hungry

Thomas Wadden, Ph.D, professor of psychology and director of Weight and Eating Programme in Medicine Faculty of Pennsylvania University in Philadelphia, Unitet State, said that our body needs 4 hours for one eat time to the next and making it feel hungry.

  1. Stop eating when you have full

If you already felt full, just lay down your spoon. It’s better before you can’t chew the next food you take. Our body needs 20 minutes to feel full.

  1. Understanding your eating habit

Kristine Funk, Freedom from Fat Programme coordinator in Kaiser Permanente in Portland, Oregon, United State, gave advice if you have a habit of enter your house from front door and walk straight to your refrigerator , just find another door to make you avoid your habit to looking for food in your refrigerator.

  1. Change your mind

Avoid food advertisement in TV which could tease you. Instead try to do other activities rather than watching TV. You may walk around to take fresh air.

  1. Obey your biological hour

Jamie Pope, nutrition consultant from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, United State suggested to substitute your chocholate with the low fat one if you are someone who love eating or drinking chocholate.

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