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Stop Your Desire to Eat More (2)

Struggling hard to get your ideal weight in order to avoid overweight or even obese will be nothing if you can not control your desire to more and more. These twenty points bellow will give you the way for making you grip the control as follow:

  1. Signal to defeat food

Aroma or delicious presentation of food may increase your apetite even you already felt full. The best way to defend from them is controlling. Change your focus from them to other interesting thing around for around 10 minutes. It will low down your desire gradually.

  1. Be careful when you hang-out

To avoid the desire to eat more when you go out for dinner, Susan Head, Ph.D who is researche director of Duke University Diet and Fitness Center suggested to decide what you want to eat first before you go to the restaurant you determine to. Make sure you are the first to order before you tease by another’s order.

  1. Remove stress without food

If you feel tired, it is good for you to have a chat with your friend better than run for food to reduce your stress burden.

  1. Exercise to substitue food

Exercise can reduce your stress. And it can release many kinds of hormone which give you good feeling. Beside exercise help you controlling your sugar blood level which help you to control your apetite.

  1. Look for new hobbies

Try to look around you and find some new friends and new interesting hobbies. You can gatter with friends in an attractive adventure or enjoyful activities. Just plan few interesting things you want to do to make you avoid running for food when you have stress in other day.

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