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Stop Your Desire To Eat More (3)

Struggling hard to get your ideal weight in order to avoid overweight or even obese will be nothing if you can not control your desire to more and more. These twenty points bellow will give you the way for making you grip the control as follow:

  1. Be firm to yourself

Say “stop!” to yourself if you find you want to eat more. Talk to yourself firmly about the positive way you want it. It will give you strength to have control to your own body.

  1. If you don’t need it, don’t do diet

Diet doesn’t mean not eat at all or eat a little. Just eat food contains complex carbohydrate such as whole wheat, potatoes, vegetables, fruits to make you have good energy providing if you need to do diet.

  1. Drink warm beverages

Warm beverages help your stomach to feel full temporarily and help you to not eat much.

  1. Fibrous food

Consumption of fibrous food such as vegetables, fruits, and cerealia need more time to digest them. It will help you to feel full for more while without worrying for supply of calory for your body.

  1. Expelled alcohol

Drink alcohol makes people want to eat more, decrease imunity and increase hungry sensation. Beside, alcohol can produce much calory.

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