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Stop Your Desire to Eat More (4)

Struggling hard to get your ideal weight in order to avoid overweight or even obese will be nothing if you can not control your desire to more and more. These twenty points bellow will give you the way for making you grip the control as follow:

  1. Give up

If you do want to taste special fovourite food you want, prepare plausible portion (a scoop or of ice cream instead of a box you want) and time to do it. To making you avoid the desire may rise when you do it, draw a line for yourself by buy it in the portion (for example buy a bar of ice cream) instead of preparing yourself.

  1. Walk

It will burn your calory. Do it every chance you have to do it.

  1. Look for substituer food/beverage

If you go to fast food restaurant, choose baked chicken sandwich as subtituer for burger. Find diet coke to make you not drink sugar coke.

  1. Don’t push yourself

Don’t push yourself to eat all food left in your plate if you want to getting free from overweight. If you feel hungry than, just eat a healthy snack.

  1. Eat only healthy food

Eat fruit or vegetable salad or healthy snack (such as those from vegetable and cerealia) when you feel hungry between your eat time.

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